Plataformas. Single Player

Curso académico: 2016-17

Títulación: Grado en Diseño y Desarrollo de Videojuegos

Nombre del proyecto: Etereo

Director: Miguel Fernández

Designer: Guillermo Castilla Mejías

Artist: Miguel Coronado, Martín Barbudo

Programing/Production: Miguel Fernández

Additional Design: Antonio Serón Molina

The evil spreads through the woods.

Will this child, with the power of the white smoke, be able to seal it again? Help him in his adventure, exorcizing the corrupted forest dwellers and destroying the darkness dispensers. The forest have to be free again. Etereo came up as an experiment of creating a game in one month.

At PipeRift we wanted to create something new, that’s why we decided to create a game from zero in just one month…

Download Etereo